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Yingfa SWIMWEAR is the TOP choice for competitive swimsuits. **CHECK OUT OUR SELECTION**.   When you’re Swimming with the Girls, or Racing with the team, YingFa has the swimwear you’re in the market for.  Their SharkSkin Knee is a popular competition suit for the Women racer and many are FINA APPROVED.  Jammers and Speedo style briefs for the Boys & Men are available as well for Competition Racing.

About the YINGFA Brand

YINGFA Swimwear is a reasonably priced alternative to higher priced swimming brands like Speedo and Arena. Their suits are used for Racing, Diving and Training and come in a variety of styles and colors for Women, Men and Kids.

The company was established by nationally ranked Chen Jinhui who set the backstroke record in the 70’s. With an understanding of what athletes require in their equipment the swimwear is high quality and most of the YINGFA’s products are FINA approved.

YINGFA is the #1 brand in China and grown into a world wide established brand.


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