EXPERTLY DESIGNED Swim Suits and Sports Wear for you Club, Team or Association.

Elite Athletes


Get Creative with our Beach Volleyball Bikinis.  Our two-piece swim wear can be designed to your specifications and can be used on and off the court.

One-piece bathing suit


Beautifully designed Tank suits in either an OpenBack or Bladeback stye.The Fit & Shape is excellent and perfect for top swimmers and recreational users.

FINA Approved Suits


Endorsed by Olympians, our custom designed FINA approved racing swimwear is Fast & Furious. High quality fabric made with the latest in material and absolutely seamless!

Design Options


Designed for Waterpolo one of the most physically demanding sports with great coverage .Zip up or down,you decided as this suit will keep up with your swimming stamina.

Best Looking Team Suits


Endurance, strength and flexibility are some key components of Synchronized Swimming.Design your own one piece swimsuit for your Team.

Comfortable Fit


Traditionally referred as Speedos these Custom Swim Briefs are great for competition swimming and racing or swim training.Brilliant design for your Club.



Performance racing Jammers for your swim competitions. Heat Glued Seams – Bonded custom patterns race suits to make you go FAST!

Offensive Player


We know its an aggressive game and you need to get your tough on. Our advice – don’t let them grab you but if they do make sure your brief doesn’t stretch.

No Drag here!


The Popular Choice for swimmer  and perfect for performance based swimming.  Whether you’re training or racing Jammers are going to be part of you pool experience.

Chlorine Resistant


Custom AQUA SHORTS are perfect for training, swimming lengths or just every day pool shorts. An excellent alternative to swim briefs.

Hold Your Gear!


Be Creative with your Swim Bag, Swim Cap, Towel or anything else you bring to the pool.  We don’t do Goggles but you never know – once day we might!

Team Shoes


Our Custom SportsWear includes customized Tracksuits, T-shirts, Thermo shirts, Legging and Shorts.  We also offer Bathrobes and designed for you Shoes!


Our custom swimwear manufacturer has over 28 years manufacturing and distributing high quality sport swimwear.   As leaders in the industry they were the first to provide FINA approved custom designed swimsuits in the world.

No matter what type of Suit you are looking for or what type of Design you can come up with, we can Help You Design your Ultimate Team Sportswear.  Motivate Your Team, Clubs, Schools, Athletes,  Universities or Associations with brilliant designs.  We have an entire range of Swimsuits and Apparel for a variety of different Water Sports.







How To Get Started with Your Custom Gear!

You know a Team looking alike works well together.  It’s a proven fact!  Mentally it makes you totally ready to play the game, exceed everyone’s expectations and go beyond your capabilities.  We help you get their with amazing design and fabrics. Our Material is from the best European Fabric provider.  It can withstand the effects of those sunny day and chemicals in the water (chlorine).  With constant updates in the printing and sewing industry our technology and production facility is always state of the art.  Okay are your ready to take the plunge now and let us create your vision?  Read below for a few key items related to getting your Team suited up in their colors.


Give us your Colors, Logo, Mascot whatever you want to start with and we will create and develop a custom design illustration and sample prototype for your performance articles.  Whether aquatic wear or apparel, the look is crucial to make your Team feel great.  Dye-sublimation printing yields beautiful and permanent colors that are embedded in our fabric.  Our Expert Designers are here to walk you through the process and make sure you get the look you want in the gear you want to wear.

As you go through the design phase remember we want the garment to represent the Team – whether it using bold colors, fierce-looking graphics and designs or a more subtle approach.  You may decide on a daring combination of colors and shapes or a more understated style to represent your club.    We want the personality of you club to really shine and this can be achieved with the prints, forms, figures, outlines or characters you choose.   We also help with placement of shapes and where they will be positioned on the suits for the best effect.  Complementary Color combinations, color tones are all thought out for the best symbol of your team.  Ask us for a sample of our past design.


Let the Magic begin!  We present a mock up prior to any printing for your approval.  After sign off on design we proceed to the dye-sublimation process and your amazing new Team design is embedded into the fabric.

We go on and can describe how we have roll to roll printing, we’re a Cut and Sew provider making your entire suit from scratch or that we’re always updating our printing equipment and the technology.  Or we can let the items speak for themselves.


We need to cut out the designed fabric for all the sizes ordered.  We then assemble them in the Sewing Department based on the spec sheet.  Our sewing includes the One Needle Machine, the Overlock, Elastic Tape Attachment, Button Hole Machine and Bar Tagging but do you really need to know that?

For our Performance swimwear we cut out the drag and have bonded seams rather than our traditional stitching.   This keeps the seams flat and less drag for you swimmers.  Of course we use classic stitching for our Team Apparel.


We check our work and make sure it’s exactly what you expect.  Whether sizing, design or fabric quality it’s all inspected before we send it out to you.


Many people often believe the process of suiting up your team with custom designed swim gear will be a long daunting task – both time consuming and expensive.  The truth is it does not have to be that way; with our efficient and streamlined process AC is there through the whole process.  We get the right information from you and then do the rest.  Contact Us Today regarding Designing Your Sport Wear.